5 Bridal Takeaways from a DIY Bridezilla Turned Easy-Going Event Planner

March 19, 2018 | Christina Bleifess

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Attend or stand up in enough weddings, and it’s easy to assume you can plan your own big day with ease. I mean, how hard can it be? And just think of all the benefits: no coordinator means more cash, you get to be the queen of creativity, and all the praises your friends and family will bestow upon you for planning such a magnificent event.

Yes, after years of playing bridesmaid to my besties, when my own day came, I thought to myself, “Self, you’ve totally got this! You love planning and designing, so this will be nothing but fun!”

Bring on Bridezilla

Then Bridezilla (aka me at my wedding worst) entered stage right, and I soon learned how wrong I was. Prior to working in the wedding industry, I had never met a Bridezilla. Sure, I stood up for a few engaged friends who possibly got a little carried away with what style cheeseboard to register for and how they couldn’t believe their sister didn’t know the difference between cloud white, snow white, dove white, or simply white. Still nothing that immediately sparked the imagery of a B-movie monster.

Then my main-squeeze popped the question, and a giant green beast reared its big scary head as I decided to “hire” myself to plan the wedding. The fun and accolades I expected going it alone turned into a mountain of stress, endless back and forth with decisions, and spending way more money than was really necessary.

Event Planning with a Smoother Strategy

Despite seeing a side of me I hope to never meet again, I still opted to tread further down the event planning path. After all, even with all the work I put into it, my wedding day is still one of my favorite memories of all time, it was absolutely amazing! I know now though, that the memories could’ve been even better had I handed off a few (er, most of!) the tasks for someone else to tackle. I still would’ve chosen to play a hefty role in planning the day. However, working with an event-planning expert--as I’ve come to learn by being one--could’ve smoothed down the rough edges by offering...

1. A better plan. 

This really was my first rodeo, so all those little tips and tricks an event planner has tucked up her sleeve could’ve saved me money, time, and indecision--the latter being someone to quiet the voice inside my head that kept teetering on every little detail.

2. R&R. 

You know what’s fun? Planning the decorating details and favors to hand out.    You know what’s the opposite of fun? Executing those plans in the wee hours of the morning because there’s just not enough time to stuff guest bags and finish final touches. Do it all alone the day before your big day and you might end up like me--wanting to take a nap in between the ceremony and reception.

3. An extra hand. 

Quite possibly the best decision I made while planning my own wedding was appointing a day-of coordinator. It’s a service I valued so much that I now offer it for brides in need a helping hand instead of someone to run the show. As the bride, you just can’t be everywhere at once--nor should you have to be. The day is meant to be enjoyed, not checking to see if vendors arrived, did their part, and got paid.

4. You time. 

Even prior to the wedding, planning the day was akin to having a part-time job (on top of already having a full-time one!). When our literal honeymoon was over, it felt so foreign to not know what to do with myself with the wedding work over. I didn’t miss it or pine to be under the pressure again, but it made me realize just how much of my personal life I had sacrificed.

5. Special moments. 

Worrying if tablecloths are wrinkled or if there will be enough booze and ice for party animal wedding guests cocktails is time not spent with your spouse savoring the special moments. All the little moments leading up to your wedding weekend are ones to absorb and celebrate throughout your marriage. Skip them for something else, and you might miss them completely.

Love is our greatest gift we’re given. Celebrate accordingly and leave the things which take away from the day to someone who will make your wedding both beautiful and stress-free.

From full event planning, design or just lending a hand the day of, we have a variety of services to help save you from becoming your own DIY Bridezilla!

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